"I discovered Graham's remarkable talent for myself when I had badly broken my right (and dominant) arm. I had just returned home from surgery when Graham started working on it for the first time. Within seconds I trusted him and within days it was, to quote my surgeon, "weeks ahead of its healing time. Whoever your physiotherapist is, keep going to him because it's working a treat. I'd expect to see this level of movement after 6 weeks and I'm seeing it after 2."

"The appreciation I feel for Graham is hard to put into words. You are left in no doubt that he cares about your full recovery, he seems to take almost as much pleasure in your progress as you do, his fingers are like finely tuned lasers...they sense the most hidden obstacles and then he gets to work on them. What else to say? He gave me my arm back for which I will be eternally grateful. He is the Best of the Best and I consider myself very lucky to have found him."

Liz T., client, Producer (Downton Abbey) - Acton (London, UK)


"I had been seeking a new shiatsu therapist for some time. I did a search on Wahanda website and found Graham. This has been a blessing since late 2010 I have been treated by Graham for long standing neck and shoulder injuries. With his wonderful and easy manner of hearing my verbal assessments of my wellbeing assisted by his intuitive ability to understand my body's physical communications I have been greatly improved in my freedom from pain."

"I always feel rebalanced and energised following a treatment visit at his home surgery/clinic. I will continue to visit Graham for balancing and maintaining my improvements as I continue to play tennis and wish to maintain wellbeing. He gently shares his exercise techniques without me feeling that I am under pressure to perform the suggested exercises. However I appear to do his stretching and relaxing techniques more often. I would have no hesitation in recommending Graham as a very intuitive healing therapist."

Freda NT client Middlesex UK May 2011


"Your gentle and kind manner in which you treated me for sciatica, your wisdom and comfortableness removing energetic obstructions from my lower abdominal area, your loving acceptance of what "is" are the memories I have of you. You are truly the most gentle soul I have ever met."

Gail K., client, energy healer - Honolulu (Hawaii, USA)


"I close my eyes and think of Graham and his wonderful healing words and actions. I was recovering from knee surgery and was blessed to be able to use Graham on the westside for my physical therapy. I actually looked forward to it. So in his niche as a caring coach to my 100% recovery and return to my job, I remember the twinkle in his eye and wonderfully wry sense of humour. What a balance of fun and business."

Alison P., client - Waianae (Hawaii, USA)


"Hadley Rehab thrived on good energy and integrity from day one, inspiring me to be employed there. I'm still deeply moved by how well you cared for your clients. Your compassion, leadership and respect resonated directly in the hearts of folks, transcending any linguistic or cultural lines. You readily embraced difficult cases, getting a kick out of the challenge."

Janette C., colleague, massage therapist - Waipahu (Hawaii, USA)



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