Since I was very young I wanted to help people heal.

Studying chemistry at university I realised that, while chemicals can profoundly affect consciousness, there is more to healing than medications. After a year travelling around the world in successful search of culture shock, I studied Shiatsu with an extraordinarily intuitive Japanese master - Mitsuki Kikkawa - in Toronto, Ontario, Canada for two years.

As my Toronto shiatsu practice grew, I was intrigued by the movement I felt in people's skull bones. It was fascinating to learn craniosacral therapy as it explained the movement and added another powerful technique to my therapeutic approach. After three years of practice, I decided to learn even more manual therapy techniques. I entered the physiotherapy program at the University of Toronto, qualifying in 1994.

In 1995 Hawaii called to me, and I happily answered the call. I founded Hadley Rehab and for ten years ran a very busy practice working mostly with people in chronic pain. In 2009 England called to us, so my wife Hilary and I moved to London to have new adventures.


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